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“Don’t just do something, sit there” - an introduction to insight meditation and mindfulness - 3 hour workshop.

Have you ever felt as if you live in a state of “continual partial attention”, caught on a merry-go-round of doing from which you can’t seem to step off? While doing has plentiful merit, it is necessary to balance it with being. We simply have forgotten how to do this. Join Anne for an afternoon during which we will re-learn to stop on purpose, to clear and calm body and mind. Find out how meditation can help strengthen mindfulness (sati), our capacity to experience “ things as they are” directly, without the filter of discursive thinking, evaluation or habitual reactivity. We will learn how to bring a natural and clear attention to whatever occurs in the present moment. Experience “wakefulness of mind,” “lucidity of mind,” “alertness” and “undistracted attention” and see how presence can foster ease of mind, body and heart.

3 hour workshop, tuition $40, minimum of students: 8

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