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Restorative Yoga: a 6-Week Yoga Wellness Course

Ideal for parents, couples, professional people constantly on the go as well as expecting mothers. Actually ideal for anyone needing to slow down and regroup.....This 6 Week Restorative Yoga Course is the perfect way to end the week, explore deep relaxation and stress reduction and learn tips and postures you can use at home.

• Gentle, adapted postures to promote relief from stress and fatigue as well as recovery from injury and illness – postures are tailored depending on the needs of individual students.

• The practice includes occasional gentle transitional yoga movements and stretches between the postures to release stiffness and helps lubricate the muscles.


In this Restorative Yoga class we combine the gentle healing of therapeutic yoga and the quiet awareness of a quiet restorative practice using postures that relieve stress and fatigue and promote recovery from injury and illness. This blend of Restorative Yoga in combination with breathing and meditation releases the body from the fight-or- flight response caused by life’s everyday stresses as well as traumatic events and even chronic fatigue symptoms. This gentle yoga practice encourages an accepting attitude helping us balance our need for achieving and action.

Postures are held for up to 10 minutes or more and further the release of tensions that we store in our muscles, emotional system and mind. You’ll come out feeling rejuvenated and ready for a good night sleep. Emphasis is on achieving total relaxation in the specific postures to activate the body’s self-healing abilities. It is in this place of comfort and stillness where true healing begins.

Tuition: $75