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Our gift to YOU this Holiday Season: the Ultimate Relaxation Experience


We want to thank you, students and partners, for a wonderful year at our new location, and for over 8 years of practice and support. Please save the evening and join teachers Rebeca Wadsworth and Sara Corbishley for a 90-minute yoga nidra and singing bowl meditation class. 

We’ll begin with 15 mins of gentle yoga to workout the kinks and settle into a 75 minute yoga nidra practice along with singing bowl meditation. You will be skillfully guided through various breathing techniques, body part focuses and visualizations to help you enter the deepest possible state of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. The crystal bowls will be played throughout the meditation, opening up chakras (energy centers of the body) and thus allowing for a deeper relaxation.

Yoga Nidra is a harmonious sleep-like state that is reported during deep meditation. You’ll follow the voice of the narrator, Rebeca, while lying comfortably on your back in Savanasa or any other relaxed posture that might be better for you.

Through the 75-minute class, your brain waves will enter into alpha waves, which are very similar to a sleeping state. You will remain awake and conscious while slowly descending into a deep relaxed state. 

This special class is for everybody, regardless of age, fitness level or experience. We hope you will join us. This event is likely to fill up, so please reserve a space by clicking the button below.