"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom". 

~ Viktor E. Frankl


We offer a variety of classes and courses to help adults and children learn about and cultivate mindfulness.  We would also be happy to work with you to craft a personalized program for you, your family or business.

Private Sessions

Whether you are looking to improve your health, manage stress due to illness or chronic pain, or relieve symptoms of stress or anxiety naturally, private meditation and stress reduction sessions help to increase overall wellbeing. In a private session format, a combination of techniques are taught, such as breath work, several meditation modalities, mindfulness training, and gentle stretching as well as everyday mindfulness and stress reduction tools. Anne creates an individualized plan for stress reduction that can easily be incorporated into your life. $70 per 60-minute session, $90 per 90-minute session, discount for multiple classes. Call her at (253)447-0295 or email her at info@Yogasoleil.com for information and/or to schedule a complimentary 20 minute consultation.

One-Day Introduction to Mindfulness

This day long course will give you an introduction to mindfulness practices to help manage stress and enhance wellbeing. Suitable for those new to mindfulness.

This course is taught by Yoga Soleil Owner Anne Arntson, an accredited Breathworks® Mindfulness teacher with a long-standing practice and experience in MBI or Mindfulness Based Interventions.

What will you gain?

  • A day of slowing down on purpose in a calm, serene setting
  • A safe and accessible introduction to this subject
  • An introduction to various mindful practices involving sitting, lying down or gentle movement, where we bring attention to our sensations, emotions and thoughts, towards managing stress and enhancing well-being in your daily life
  • Tips on applying mindfulness to your daily life

Getting the most out of the course will require some work on your part. You will gain most if you can commit to home practice, through a gentle but regular daily discipline of meditation and awareness practices. Making the commitment to devote time needed for this personal exploration can feel difficult, but most people find it well worth the effort.

The day runs from 10am-4pm. Please bring a packed lunch. Teas, coffee and hot water are provided.

Who is the course for?

The course is suitable for most people aged 18 and above. You will be taught by an experienced teacher in a group of no more than 15.

Working with depression and anxiety

Although mindfulness can be helpful in managing depression and anxiety, our courses and retreats are for groups not individuals and are not recommended for people who are experiencing an episode of clinically diagnosed anxiety, depression or other psychiatric illness. In line with current evidence we do not offer mindfulness as an individual 'clinical intervention', but rather as an aid to everyday health, wellbeing and in helping prevent relapse.

Tuition: $70.00

Fundamentals of Mindfulness and Meditation - 4 week course

This  is designed for non-meditators, occasional meditators or ‘once-were’ meditators. You will be guided and skillfully taught the simple skills of meditation and mindfulness practice. You will learn how to be present to each moment, finding stillness amongst the busyness of life. The course is mainstream, practical, and immediately applicable. You will be shown in simple steps how to achieve a deep sense of physical relaxation and focus, to help you achieve a more peaceful and calm state of mind.

You will learn:

• How to establish and maintain a regular practice in your daily life.

• How this practice can lead to a greater sense of peace and calm.

• How to be mindful and present in what you do each day.

Each class is 90 minutes, fee: $70.

Mindfulness for Stress - 4 week course or 8 week course

Modern life can often feel difficult and overwhelming. Work pressures, anxiety, family responsibilities, difficult relationships, feeling depressed, physical problems and many other causes can result in high levels of stress. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the feelings and thoughts that result from these things, we can learn to manage them and change the way we react to difficulties as well as learn new ways of responding to sources of stress.

Discover effective mindfulness-based strategies to understand the stress cycle, to reduce the feeling of stress in your life, help manage difficult situations, sensations, moods and feelings. Relief from stress and anxiety enhance well-being and enable you to feel more relaxed and in charge of your life, and to live more fully and freely.

This course is suitable for anyone experiencing stress and its profound impact on daily life, health and relationships. Courses are limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

  • The 8-week course classes are 2:30 hours each.
  • The 4-week course classes consists of 3 Sunday afternoon sessions of 4 hours and a Sunday day retreat of 7 hours/classes are held every other week. This is ideal for someone who can't schedule 8 weeks in a row.

Participants are encouraged to complete guided meditations twice daily at home and exercises designed to bring mindfulness, ease and joy into their daily lives.

Fee: $295 - includes practice workbook and downloadable links for meditation (CDs available at an additional charge). We have two partial scholarships available, contact Anne Arntson.


Mindfulness for Health - 8 week course

Do you suffer from persistent pain, illness or the stress associated with these or other conditions? During this 8 week course you will learn how to manage pain, fatigue and illness in daily life through breath and body awareness, gentle mindful movement and other mindful practices. Mindfulness is explored progressively over the course, gradually building up a rich awareness of yourself, as well as your relationship to others, enabling you to lead a more creative life, even when experiencing long-term pain or illness. Mindfulness is not so much a technique as a particular stance or attitude to life that we can all develop.

This course is suitable for anyone living with pain, illness or stress that is impacting on their health. It has shown to be extremely beneficial for the following conditions: chronic fatigue and chronic pain, diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, MS, cancer, Parkinson's disease,  as well as many other health conditions. Courses are limited to a maximum of 12 participants, classes are 2:30 hours each.

Participants are encouraged to complete guided meditations twice daily at home and exercises designed to bring mindfulness, ease and joy into their daily lives. You will be provided with a home practice handbook as well as CDs or downloadable files for the meditation recordings.

Fee: $295. Please purchase a copy of  You are not your Pain  by Vydiamala Burch and Danny Penman prior to beginning the course.

Mindfulness for kids and teens

Solid scientific evidence suggests that mindfulness training for children/teens improve attention, self-control, emotional resilience, recovery from addiction, memory and immune response. Here’s a summary of the benefits that can be cultivated:

  • Attention:Strengthens our "mental muscle" for bringing focus back where we want it, when we want it. 
  • Emotional Regulation: Observing our emotions helps us recognize when they occur, to see their transient nature, and to change how we respond to them. 
  • Adaptability: Becoming aware of our patterns enables us to gradually change habitual behaviors wisely. 
  • Compassion: Awareness of our own thoughts, emotions, and senses grows our understanding of what other people are experiencing. 
  • Calming: Breathing and other mindfulness practices relax the body and mind, giving access to peace independent of external circumstances. 
  • Resilience: seeing things objectively reduces the amount of narrative we add to the world's natural ups and downs, giving us greater balance.


Classes are taught by Anne Arntson, Yoga Soleil owner. She brings over a decade of studies in yoga, mindful movement, and mindfulness. In 2011, she attended a 7 day professional training program for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction under the direction of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Dr. Saki Santorelli as well as subsequent training with the Center for Mindfulness. She is one of handful of teachers in the US accredited byBreathworks®  to lead their signature 4 or 8 week courses in Mindfulness for Stress and Mindfulness for Health (a course in pain management). She has also completed trainings with Mindful Schools (teaching mindfulness to children in preschool to high school), Warriors at Ease (teaching meditation and yoga to military with PTS and TBI).


Email us at info@yogasoleil.com, let us know the course(s) in which you are interested and we will contact you when they become available.