Welcome beginners!

We love beginning yoga students and realize that starting anything new can be daunting. Remember, everyone, including teachers, starts as a beginner. We provide several classes specifically designed to introduce students to the practice of yoga and meditation.

New students often comment apologetically on their lack of flexibility. Contrary to popular belief, there is no flexibility requirement to practice yoga. Increased flexibility is a by-product of yoga, not a prerequisite. Yoga offers stress relief, increased strength and range of motion, relaxation, and enhanced flexibility, no matter your starting point.

What to Expect in a Yoga Class

Yoga Soleil, like most yoga studios, is a shoe-free zone. Yoga is traditionally practiced in bare feet on a  rubber mat.

The teacher may talk to you before or during class about your physical history, experience with yoga, injuries, etc. If you would rather do this in private, our teachers will be available before class, so feel free to talk to them then. It is always advisable to let the teacher know about any physical issues you may have so that they can structure the poses to fit your needs.

A yoga pose is simply a position you take with the body. Sometimes they are called “postures.” The Sanskrit word for a yoga pose is “asana.” (AH-sah-na). Poses are designed to give the body and mind maximum benefit. Doing yoga is called “practicing,” and a yoga class is also called a “practice.” Poses range from very simple to Cirque du Soleil – but, contrary to what is featured in the media, the majority of them are attainable for most bodies.

During your practice, the teacher will lead you through a variety of yoga poses, with directions for proper alignment of the body. Depending on the teacher, he or she may also offer breathing directions, lead you through a relaxing visualization, or play music. Some teachers are very conversational, with questions and answers as part of the class; other teachers lead a more guided practice, while they walk through the class and work with each student individually as they teach. Some practices are very slow and methodical and focus on a few specific poses, while others may flow and move through more poses with less emphasis on each pose. Some classes will focus more on relaxation, while others will give you a more physical workout.

If you would like to find out more about a specific class or teacher, feel free to call the studio and ask, or send us an email. We would love to help you find a class and/or teacher that is a good fit for you.

Classes traditionally end with a rest pose, in which you lie on your back on the mat and just relax for a while. The Sanskrit term for this pose is Savasana (sha-VAH-sah-na). This pose is all about comfort and rest, so if lying on your back is not comfortable for you, let the teacher know! He or she will offer modifications.

To close class, it is traditional for the teacher to say “Namaste” and for the class to repeat it back to the teacher. “Namaste” loosely translates to mean “The light in me recognizes and bows to the light in you.” It is a way of acknowledging that we are all part of the same beautiful, united whole.



Arrive 10 – 15 minutes before class to complete some paperwork (or you can download the Student Registration Form here and bring it with you).

Introduce yourself to the instructor and communicate any pre-existing medical issues or concerns you might have.

Dress comfortably. Classes are all barefoot.

Avoid Perfume. Please help us maintain a fragrance-free environment.

A light stomach will ensure you are more comfortable in class. Wait two to three hours after a meal or a half hour after a snack.

Yoga mats (and all other props) are available at the studio. We encourage you to bring your own mat if you have one.

Check in at the front desk, take off your shoes and turn off your cell phone. There is space in the studio to safely store your stuff.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the new information from your very first yoga class, rest assured: after one or two more classes, the practice will feel more familiar to you and you will feel more at ease.  And, PLEASE, stay after class or email us with any questions or concerns you have. It is our goal and pleasure to make your yoga experience with us enjoyable, relevant  and valuable to your life.Click here to download our New Student Registration form. Bring it with you on your first visit or fill one out at the studio.

Click here to download our New Student Registration form. Bring it with you on your first visit or fill one out at the studio.