Founded in 2008, Yoga Soleil is a place for yoga, wellness and mindfulness studies. With emphasis on body, mind and heart wisdom, Yoga Soleil offers a variety of classes and courses designed to promote both physical and mental well-being.

Our philosophy

Yoga is for everyone and every body. It can be an end in itself, or it can help you cultivate more presence, joy and peace in other parts of your life. So, whether you seek exercise, healing or a place to let go and focus on yourself for a while, come in.... You will meet teachers  who are experienced, care deeply about sharing yoga and mindfulness practices in simple and relevant ways, and who will help you get the most out of your practice. 

What our community says about us

People here are all nice and it seems like this studio has a lot of happy regulars that have gotten to know each other by stopping in regularly. The vibe is friendly and down to earth, no one looking down on beginners here, just a Do Your Best atmosphere!
— Carolyn L.
A wonderful community yoga studio built with love and outstanding craftsmanship. Owner, Anne Arntson is a top-notch yoga teacher with a combination of integrity, heart, skill and lots of training. This studio is a jewel in the midst of downtown Puyallup.
— Jeni M.
This yoga studio is the best. The yoga instructors have gentle souls and knowledge of “yoga” and the human body, mind and soul. After participating in a class, I’m ready to engage with the world outside of the studio.
— Linda W.
Our sweet baby boy was born on September 8th. His big sister and big brother are very proud. I thank Yoga Soleil and my prenatal yoga experiences (throughout all my pregnancies) for wonderful births and calm, happy babies.
— Brittany R.
I have been a chronic knee pain sufferer from patella tendon issues for years now. While I love to run, genetically speaking, I didn’t hit the jackpot and as such, can not run pain free or sit for long periods of time without knee pain (and I’m only 26). I haven’t been able to run pain free for roughly 7 months now and have done multiple stints of physical therapy in an attempt to rehab. Since joining Yoga Soleil, I have been able to return to running slowly and pain free. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Courtney L.